Character of the Boy in the story The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond | Note with PDF | Class Ghar |

Character of the Boy in the story “The Eyes Have It” by
Ruskin Bond. Class XII English note with PDF.

Character of the Boy

 A nameless blind boyis the narrator, from the starting to end all
what he did was nothing but his attempt to hide his blindness from co-passenger
and also to impress the girl. He was very smart and adapt in his work. But his
effort of hiding his blindness proved that he suffered an inferiority complex
and was ashamed for being visually challenged. Yet he chanced to have the
company of his girl co-passenger. He was daring, gallant young man who praised
the beauty of the stranger the girl. He became nostalgic while recalling the
beauty of the hills of Mussoorie. He imagined the beauty of the girl. So, he
was imaginative and thoughtful. Though he was deprived of sight, god gifted him
with an inner vision.

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