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Jimmy’s life in Elmore

Description of Jimmy’s
life in Elmore


      After Lootingthree banks Jimmy
fled to Elmore to avoid his arrest. He entered Elmore with and another plan of
burglary. On the way to a hotel Jimmy came across a beautiful young lady.
There  comes such a situation or person that can change a man’s life. As
soon as Jimmy saw her , he fell in love with her. Jimmy was well aware that his
identity would not allow to process  the lady. So he took the name Spencer
to wash out Jimmy. He opened a shoe store and fortune favored him. His 
business flourished and he established himself as an honorable man of Elmore.
Thus, the town Elmore gave him fame, name and love. But when the time came to
Jimmy to disclose himself, he did not hesitate. He applied his previous background
to save a little girl from vault. His humanity compelled him to do so. Thus a
small town turned Jimmy an expert safe cracker into Spencer, a
responsible,  respected and ideal person.

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