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Play of Sidda and Leela


Sidda was only a servant to Mr. And Mrs. Sivasanker, to Leela he was her
playmate. She got Supreme happiness playing with siddha. They would play with a
ball and
  Sidda who was an
imaginative boy used to imagine things. While playing he threw the ball in the
sky and covered it with his hands, then he told Leela to see the ball quickly
to find the moon as the ball had touched the moon. He told Leela that climbing
up on a coconut tree one could touch the moon and he had done it several times.
He also informed Leela about the existence of God in the sky.

      For Sidda Leela held a class, which was a part of their play.
There Leela was a teacher and Sidda was a student. Thus, sometimes Sidda would
control the game, and sometimes Leela. They both got amusement at the Play.


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