Substance of the poem “The Poetry of Earth” | The title “Poetry of Earth” | Note with PDF |

Substance of the poem The Poetry of Earth”. The title “Poetry of Earth”. Class 12 ‘The
Poetry of Earth’ by John Keats Note with PDF.


Substance of the poem “The Poetry of Earth”

Poetry of Earth” has conquered death. It prevails in all seasons. For the
scorching heat of the sun the birds stop singing being exhausted and hide in
the shades of cooling trees. Then the grasshopper appear on the stage of
nature. They continue to buzz. Thus the music of earth continues
uninterruptedly. Being tired of singing they take rest under some weeds. Then
winter comes. Nature looks lifeless and it seems that no music is possible but
the melody of crickets fills the nature. Hearing the song one feels warm and
drowsiness. He feels that it is but the continuation of the grasshopper’s songs
from among some grassy hills.


The title “Poetry of Earth”.

title “The Poetry of Earth” presents the theme of the poem. The
birds, the grasshoppers and crickets are the musician’s of nature. At first,
birds continue the music of earth before the advent of summer. Then the
grasshoppers sing the music of the earth as birds being exhausted in summer
hide in some cooling trees. The grasshoppers sing the music of the earth
through the warmth of summer. When the grasshoppers rest under weeds, the
crickets warm the winter with shrill music. So, music there stands for eternal
music. It will never stop. The change of season cannot stop poetry of earth. It
seems that the song is ever lasting. Thus the title holds the mirror to the
theme of the poem.

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