Title of “Strong Roots” | What did Kalam’s father do every morning? “Strong Roots” Note with PDF |

Title of “Strong
What did Kalam’s father do every morning? Class xii English Note With PDF.

Title of “Strong Roots”.

Roots” is an excerpt from Abdul kalam’s autobiography, “Wings of
Fire”. Kalam’s had worked down the memory lane and has given a vivid
reminiscence about his childhood days. His parents who played a significant
role in developing Kalam’s personality. Kalam’s father was a man of simple
living and high thinking. He was full with religious teaching which Kalam
inheritated from his father. From his father Kalam learnt to face adversity
bravely.Even his father very wisely removed all his doubts about religion. This
is how and ideal father mixes with his adult son for facing all natural calamities
boldly and to live intact on earth, a tree 
needs a strong root. Similarly Kalam’s parents were like strong roots
who nourished Kalam very carefully. Kalam only drew sustenance of moral
teachings from his parents who already made the soil ready for Kalam’s growth
and development. Thus the title “Strong Roots” indicates Kalam’s
family, its background and culture. It seems as if Kalam has given tribute to
his parents through his autobiography.


did Kalam’s father do every morning?

“Strong Roots” Kalam’s father, Jainulabdeen is described as an ideal
person  who avoiding all in essential
comforts and luxuries lived a very simple life. He used to get up at 4 a.m. and
started his day by reading namaz and finished it before dawn. Then he used to
walk down to his small coconut grove which was about four miles away from his
house. Then collecting about a dozen of coconuts he would tie them and return
home with them on his shoulder. After his morning walk he used to take the
first meal of the day.

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