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Write the substance of the poem ”The
Sick Rose”

      The poet William Blake finds the most
beautiful flower, the rose sick. The invisible worm comes flying on a stormy
night and takes shelter in the rose. The innocent Rose unaware of the
danger gives the worm shelter. As soon as the selfish worm enters the
rose, it bites the rose and the rose bleeds. . Thus finally the beautiful
rose meets the Ultimate disaster. Innocence and experience play very important
role in Blake’s poems. Here the rose stands for innocence and the warm for
experience, selfishness and destruction. In this poem experience overcomes
innocence and selfishness overcomes Beauty.

     There is a Biblical significance in the
line ” That flies in the night”. In the Bible Satan flew through
chaous to tempt Adam and Eve. Similarly, the invisible worm comes flying
on stormy night and taking Sheltered in the innocent Rose destroyes it.

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