Dear God…Seem asleep…Why according to the poet at the houses asleep | Composed Upon Westminster Bridge | ClassGhar |

“Dear God…Seem asleep…” Why
according to the poet at the houses asleep?

     In the poem, The poet enjoys
every moment of nature with great happiness. The starting line “Earth has not anything to show fairer”. It is an evidence of this fact.

    Then the poet addresses, the
almighty God. The creator of all on earth. Through these addresses, the poet,
expresses his joy and wonder at the sight of the beautiful objects of nature at
dawn. The poet personifies the houses in the early morning, it seems that the
houses are in deep sleep. In fact, the entire London City remains silent. The
church, towers, workhouses are yet to start. All are enjoying deep sleep.

    There is a note of monotony. The poet says that when the day progresses, the beauty of the City begins to fade away
for pollution. The poet is hopeless with his countrymen who are not conscious
of these as if they are sleeping. The poet is also hopeful that very soon, the
Earth will be more beautiful than anything.

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