Substance of the poem “Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day?” All Questions-Answers note with PDF.

Substance of the poem “Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day?”“Rough wind…untrimmed”-explain this line. “But thy eternal summer shall not fade”- Explain this line. Shall
I Compare thee to a summer’s day
All Questions-Answers Note with PDF.


Substance of the poem “Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day?”

sonnets are illustrative of his love for his friend. They expresses his
appreciation of his beauty and virtue. Through the sonnet “Shall I compare
thee to a summers day” the poet pays a tribute to his friend. He Compares
his friend’s beauty to the summer day. But summer has its blemishes from which
the friend is fully free. The rough wind blows down the sweet bird. Besides,
the duration of summer is short. In summer the sun sometimes hide behind
clouds. Thus summer is subject to change. 
But the beauty of his friend is never change or fade. Eternal lines of
his poetry will make the friends duty eternal denying death and time.


“Rough wind…untrimmed”-explain this line.

this line the poet says that summer with its color or beauty cannot be compared
to his friends beauty as his beauty is lovelier than the summer day. The summer
has its blemishes. The sweet buds are destroyed by the summer winds and Storms
before they can bloom fully besides summer is short lived. Sometimes, the sun
burns too fiercity and sometimes its brightness is dimmed by clouds. Man’s
beauty can also be destroyed by some accident. Thus, every beautiful thing of
nature and life is subject to change as change is the law of nature.


“But thy eternal summer shall not fade”- Explain this line.

poet illustrates here a whole world of differentces between his friends beauty
and the summer day. The beauty of summer is short lived and subject to ultimate
decay. Time marches on destroying every fair object. But his friend’s beauty
can never be fade. Death cannot boast of making a victim of his friend like
other things. The poet has given his friend immorality by placing him in his
poetry. As long as men will exist on the earth and they will read these lines,
his friends beauty will continue to grow with time instead of suffering from an

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