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The Eyes Have It” is a short story. “The Eyes Have It” By Ruskin Bond Class12 English Note With PDF.


“The Eyes Have It” is a short story

A few characters, a single and simple idea, unity of place and time-
these salient features together define a short story. Our present story
“The Eyes Have It”  maintains
all these characteristics. It has only three characters- the blind boy, the
girl and the third passenger. Secondly, it has a single idea-both the blind boy
and girl tried to hide their blindness from other. From the starting to the
climax it took only a little time. The whole incident took place in a train
compartment. So, unity of place is maintained. At the end of the story there is
a twist that the girl was blind and this twist makes the readers curious about the
girl. So, maintaining all features “The Eyes Have It” truly claims
itself as a short story.

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