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Meeting at Night

Title of the poem “Meeting
at Night”

      The poem “Meeting at Night”
is an excellent dramatic lyric. This is a lover Story. The poem is about a
meeting at night of a couple. The lover is keen on meeting his beloved. To
meet the woman he has to do a very long journey. For this he Pilots a
boat and crosses the sea on a moonlit night. Though the moon is not in
full Splendor. It is large and low. The waves of the sea leap now and then.
Thus the love reaches the cove pushing the prow of the boat. The speed of
the boat slows down for the slushy sand. This is the first part of the lover’s

      The journey on land is about to start. The
lover has to cross a mile of warm beach and three fields. At last he reaches
his destination. He secretly knocks at the pane of the window. The Beloved
responds by lighting a match and making sound. They make their secret meeting
successful. The secret meeting of two hearts is the theme of the poem and the
title is appropriate.

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