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Use of imagery and symbolism in the poem

Use of imagery and symbolism in the poem.

Browning’s use of imagery and symbolism makes the poem
“Meeting at Night” is more attractive to readers. The poem is about
a meeting at night of two Lovers. The poem has several descriptions of
night. It open with a description of the grey sea. Grey sea,  Long black
land, Yellow half moon all play a significant role to set the mood of the poem
and to paint a landscape. The word “black” stands for darkness and
night. The half-moon is symbolic of love which is not yet fulfilled. These are
followed by a Description of waves, a cove, a beach. It seems that the sea and
all these things are symbol of impediment. The lover has to overcome all
these bars to reach the farm to meet his lady love.

By “pushing Prow”, “quench”
and “slushy land” the poet wants to indicate Union, the
entrance into her space. He indicates” Farm “as the landmark of the
lover’s destination. He Taps at the window. His lady love lights match.
Thus, two loving hearts meet to each other. Thus the poem contains Vivid and
colorful images.

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