Use of images in the “Asleep In The valley” | Role the nature of the poem “Asleep in the valley” | Note with PDF |

Use of images in the
Asleep In The Valley“. 
Role the nature of the poem “Asleep in the valley”. Asleep In The Valley” By Arthur Rimbaud. Class 12 English Note with PDF.


 Use of images in the “Asleep In The valley”.

        Arthur Rimbaud, an anti-war poet uses some images in his poem
“Asleep in the valley” to depict the picture of the tragedy of a
young Soldier as well as the cruelty of War. His images can be classified into
two- one is color image and the other is visual image. In case of color image,
the poet uses “silver”, “bright”, “pale” and
“red”. All these carry different significance. The poet uses
“pale” and “bright” or “red” which are incontrary
with each other only to indicate the cruelty of war as well as the horror
consequence of war. On the other hand, “grass”, “stream”,
“flower”, “sun”, “furney pillow” are used as
visual images which helped to set a picture of the green valley where the
soldier lies dead. Besides there are some images like “cold”,
“warm”, and “humming insects” which illustrate the tragedy
of the young soldier in the calm Valley.

Role the nature of the
poem “Asleep in the valley”.

        Nature plays very important
role in every poet’s creation. Arthur Rimbaud is no exception. The poem starts
with a natural description. The bright sunlight, flowing river all are natural
objects. The bright sunlight seems very cruel when it falls on the dead
soldier. A flowing river in the green calm valley are also important to set the mood of the poem. It helps to
create an atmosphere of peace to emphasize the eternal sleep of the soldier.
The soldier lies on the ferney pillow and on the green sunny bed of the valley.
The poet illustrating the background of the nature has emphasized the cruelty
of war. Many a young soldiers die, premature death for the cruelty of War. 

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