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What messagedoes the story offeer?The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond. Class 12 Note with PDF.

What message does the story offeer? 

Most of the
short stories, novels of eminent writers shows the picture of the society and
Society problem. Ruskin Bond’s “Eyes Have It” also carries a message.
Bond illustrates the problems of blind people. They always try to hide
their  weakness. They try to show what
they are not. This is called illusion. Illusion misguides us.  We pretend for it. We lose our joy. It only
brings unhappiness, loneliness and frustation. The wise writer teaches us that
we should not pretend to hide our weakness. We are what we are.   

 Two blind characters of Bond- one lovely girl
and a young man both were in attempt to hide their blindness from others. To
deceive other, they actually deceived themselves. They failed to understand
that beauty is not in the eyes, but it is in mind.

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