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Write about the Tsar. Three Question by Leo Tolstoy Class 12 English Note.

Write about the Tsar

three questions appeared in mind of the Tsar, he asked those wise men to rule
his country perfectly and peacefully. But not giving any satisfactory answers,
he went to consult with a hermit. This expresses his interest in learning the
truth. Besides he was also hard working person. He helped the hermit in his
digging. Being very kind hearted he took pity on the old hermit when he was
tired of digging. Even he helped the wounded man inspite of knowing that the
beard man was his enemy and come to murder him. He forgave his stern enemy and
and suggested to send his royal Physician to treat him . This proves how
generous the Tsar was. Though he was  a
king and very much accustomes to comfort and luxury, he was not at all proud and
aggressive. He was very much down to earth. So, he did not hesitate to put on
simple cloths and to walk to reach hermit’s cell. He even lay on threshold and
spend the whole night sleeping peacefully. Though the hermit did not give the
Tsar any response to his questions after being twice, the Tsar was not angry at
all with him and repeated his questions calmly. So, we can say that he was a
wise generous king to look after the welfare of his country.

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