Aim and objectives of art education in our country | Class XI Note With PDF |


Aim and objectives of art education in our country.

      The aim of art education is to
refresh our mental process and heightens our knowledge with aesthetic vision
and experience. It trains us in various modes of expressions. Art education is
essential to restore balance and harmony as there is much lack of interest
in the social and personal life among the educated. The educated people are
unable to understand beauty of art and through their dress and attitude they
reveal their ignorance. So, in this case art education is must to remove the darkness of ignorance from the mind of so-called
educated persons and trains them to set a standard of art for the people.

       Art education has not been
introduced properly in our country. so our aesthetic sensibilities have grown
distressingly worse  day by day. Our cultural life is in a decaying
State. Functional art plays a vital role to improve the economic
condition of our country. Besides functional art quenches our thrust of daily
need. It gives us a better insight to understand literature, philosophy and science.
Modern people are going to forget the past heritage in painting and sculpture
and architecture. Art education will make us aware of our past glory. For this
it  is essential.

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