Different ways for the development of art education | Class Xi | Note PDF |


Different ways for the development of art education.


        To revive the past Glory of our country in
painting sculpture and architecture art education is essential in school. So
the essayist Nandalal Bose has suggested the following ways. At
first, classrooms, libraries ,studies and living rooms should be decorated with
specimens of art painting. Secondly, well-qualified people should be asked to
write books,  full of good reproductions and historical texts. Thirdly
films should be shown on selected specimens of art  to introduce students
into the world of art. Fourthly teachers should give accompany to the students
to museums and picture galleries to arouse aesthetic vision of students. It
will train their eyes, strengthen  their power of understanding and
awaken  their aesthetic sensibilities. Fifthly seasonal festivals with a
display of fruit and flowers will help to come in close Contact with nature .
Students should wear seasonal costumes and take part in the festival of the
seasons. Thus nature will provide them Source material for artistic creation.
Lastly students should take Part in the art festival with something made with
their own hands. Their Creations will be considered with respect and

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