Character of Chubukov. Social picture of the then society in “Proposal”. All Question-Answers Note PDF.

 Character of Chubukov.  Social picture of the then society in “Proposal”. “The Proposal” drama by  Anton Chekhov all question-answers Note with Pdf.

Character of Chubukov.

        Stepan Chubukov, an old land owner is one of the central
character of drama “Proposal”. He is the father of a grown up 
daughter and has urgency to marry off his daughter. He is polite in his behavior
while welcoming Lomov in his house although he is quite quarrelsome. He is a
short-tempered , hypocrite man. He readily accepts the marriage proposal for
her daughter from Lomov. Even he addressed Lomov as “My darling” and
“My precious” and while quarreling he abuses him as “petti
fogger” and his father as “Guzzling Gambler”. His 25 years old
daughter is a burden to him. So, he does not delay for Komov’s fully recovery
and engages his daughter with Lomov. Apart from all his hypocracy and anger,
Chubukov is a funny character indeed. All what he does throughout the drama
compels  readers to laugh a lot.

 Social picture of the
then society in “Proposal”.

        The “Proposal” is a fine comedy by Anton Chekhov
and also a mirror of the then society in Russia in the late 1800. Grown up
girls were regarded as burden to their fathers. Fathers had urgency to marry of
their daughters. So , Chubukov readily accepted Lomov as his future
son-in-law.  People were then quite scandalous. They did not hesitate to
make scandals one another’s ancestors. Chubukov also abused Lomov, his father
and his fore fathers. Girls were then associated with the works of farm. So,
Natalya was seen to shell peas , harvest and to stalk hay.  Going to haunt
and keeping dog were then the symbol of aristocracy. Money was then the most
important factor in marriage. Lomov slso had no love for Natalya. His marriage
proposal to Natalya was just to strengthen his financial power.

        Though the drama creates a good deal of fun and laughter, but behind this veil
of fun and laughter the dramatist setirizes thethen society and Society people
who would brag for their love but actually they would give priority to money
and property than love and relationship. 

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