Title of the drama “The Proposal”. “The first quarrel of “The Proposal”. Note with PDF.

Title of the drama
The Proposal“. 
The first quarrel of “The Proposal“. class 12 english note with pdf.

  Title of the drama “The Proposal”.

The drama “Proposal” is
about giving marriage proposal by which everyone in the drama was affected.
Lomov at first turned up at Chubukov’s house with a proposal to marry his
daughter. Hearing the proposal Chubukov almost became eccentric as he wanted
his daughter to get married soon. He sent his daughter Natalya to Lomov but
before he could give her proposal there was a quarrel between them – At first
for the right owner of the Oxen Meadows and then for their dog. Even when their
quarrel reached its climax, Chubukov re-entered and joined his daughter to
abuse Lomov and to drive him out. But ultimately Lomov who was desperate for a
wife gave Natalya his proposal which she happily accepted. Thus Lomov was
successful in his deed and the title of the drama is appropriate.


The first quarrel of
“The Proposal”.

Lomov came to Natalya’s house to give marriage proposal to her. But
before he could do it, they involved in quarrel. At first they fell out for
Oxen Meadows. Both of them claimed their Meadows strongly. At first Lomov
demanded that his aunt’s grandmother give it to the peasants of Chubukov’s
grandfather. Still Natalya refused to accept it. Rather she claimed it to be
their property. Chubukov came later and supported his daughter. Both the father
and the daughter abused Lomov, his father, his forefathers. They accused him of
his ingratitude calling him a bad neighbor. When this quarrel reached its
climax, everyone began to shout and Lomov was driven out of that house. Later
after hearing of her marriage proposal, Natalya readily accepted Lomov to be
the true owner of the Oxen Meadows.

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