Character of Natalya. “The Proposal” as an one act play. All Questions-Answer Note With PDF.

Character of Natalya.  “The Proposal” as an one act play. “The Proposal” Drama By Anton Chekhov class 12 note with PDF.

“Proposal” as an one act

The one-act play contains a simple
episode, limited characters and a short simple incident. Maintaining all these
characteristics the Proposal demands itself as a one-act play. There are only
three characters-Lomov, Natalya and Chubukov. The play deals with a single and
simple issue – the proposal of marriage by Lomov to Natalya. The flow of the
incident advances promptly and ends all of a sudden, leaving the readers in
great curiosity. The readers are surprised at the sudden end of the drama and
similarly are very curious to know what will happen later in their lives.
However the way Chubukov helps Natalya and Lomov to come closer is very funny
and spectators are much entertained. So, at last we can say that the proposal
is no doubt a perfect funny one-act play.

Character of Natalya.

one of the central characters of the drama
Proposal”, a 25 year old younger was the only daughter of Chubukov.
It was Natalya who was unaware for a long time of the marriage proposal which
was only for her. At the beginning of the drama Natalya was introduce as an
excellent housekeeper, beautiful and well educated and Chubukov refferd her as
a “love sick cat”. Natalya was full of ego. So, she was not ready to
give up the ownership of the Oxen Meadows. She involved in quarrel with Lomov,
abused him and made scandals on his family members. Yet she was desperate for
love as a husband. For this when she heard that Lomov came to her with
marriage proposal she became frantic and insisted her father to bring Lomov
back to their house. When Lomov came back they again got into a quarrel for the
second time. At last she happily accepted the marriage proposal not realizing
that such confrontation might continue after their marriage with 

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