Character of Lomov. What is ironic about Natalya’s request to bring Lomov back? The Proposal Note PDF.

Character of Lomov. What is ironic about Natalya’s request to bring Lomov back? The Proposal by Anton Chekhov Note with PDF.

Character of Lomov. 

        Lomov’s character in Anton Chekhov’s drama “TheProposal” is fundamentally a comic one. He is seen attempting to work up
his nerve to propose to Natalya, his neighbor’s daughter though they are not
well acquainted, despite being neighbors.

is 35 years old and a nervous hypochondriac who is socially awkward and prone
to anxiety attack. As the drama is progressed it is revealed that he is not
particularly romantic and he has no love for Natalya. His proposal has more to
do with the economic advantages of combining their familie’s property than with
any particular degree of love for Natalya. But his effort to propose Natalya is
going to be invain as he and Natalya involve in various arguments. Lomov is
very scandalous. So, during the course of argument he makes scandals on
Natalya’s family. At last, with the help of Chubukov and despite a major
panic attack Lomov is successful in proposing Natalya for marriage and
the proposal is accepted. 

What is ironic about Natalya’s request to bring Lomov back?

        Anton Chekhov mingles fun with irony in his drama “TheProposal” where he illustrates the then society and psychology of society
people through fun and eccentric character. Their actions and activities
aroused much laughter and inside every laughter the seed of irony has been
planted secretly. 

        Lomov came to Natalya’s house and while conversing with
Natalya, he claimed Oxen Meadows to be his own.

        An objection took birth in Natalya and it reached to such an
extent that both father and daughter drove Lomov out of their house. After his
departure Natalya came to know Lomov’s intention of visiting their house. At
that very moment there a change was noticed in Natalya’s character.
Natalya, who was abusing Lomov so long was seen to behave hysterically and
request her father to bring Lomov back to their house saying, “Bring him
back. I am dying! fetch him!” Chekhov arranged this incident so humorously
and injected irony here. Natalya was desperate to have a husband. So, she was
afraid of losing Lomov. She only cared for her own even she did not care for
her father’s dignity and sent him to bring Lomov back after he abused
Lomov and drove him out of their house. 

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