Conversation between the girl and the boy in the story “The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond | Note with PDF |

 Conversation between the girl and the boy in the story “The
Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond. Class 12 English note with PDF.

 Conversation between the girl and the boy 

    “The Eyes Have It” is a short story by Ruskin Bond where a
beautiful girl was only co-passenger of the narrator. They both were blind but
none of them knew it. The narrator was alone in his compartment while a girl
got in Rohana. The narrator expected conversation with her. The narrator first
asked the girl if she was going to Dhara.It made the girl conscious of his
presence in the compartment. The girl told him about her short Journey. She
would get down at Ssharanpur where her aunt would wait for her. Out of
conversation the girl came to know that the narrator went to Mussoori, her
favourite place. The narrator described about the natural beauties of Mussoori.
The girl asked him if he could see any animals.Then the narrator praised about
her look. He told her that she had an interesting face. The girl accepted the
complement with a good sense of humor. Then she was ready to leave the train
and good bye the narrator before leaving the train.

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