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Describe the class arranged by Leela


              Leela could arrange a class for
Sidda to teach him. It was one of the funniest incidents of the story in the
evening. Leela arranging a class played the role of teacher and sit down was
her students. Though See her-sell knew very little, she ordered Sidda to write
‘B’ and draw the picture of a crow. Sidda adapt to control the moon was unable
to copy those simple things. He got rebuke from Leela as he could not copy them
again. Leela took pity on him and redoubling her effort began to teach him
enthusiastically. But Sidda the wanted to seek relief from Leela saying that
her mother was calling her to dinner. Then Leela would leave her class and
duty. thus the class was ended.


     👉      Play of Sidda and Leela

v  👉 Character of Sidda

      👉 “Sidda vanished into the night”  What happened after Sidda vanished into the night

v   👉What was the problem of Mr. Sivasankar’s family in the story “Leela’s friend”? How was it solve? What was the ultimate result?

  👉  “A Police Inspector and a constable brought in Sidda


                             “And that decided it”– What does ‘it’ refer to here?  

                          What works
did Sidda do at Mr. Sivasanker’s house?


       Here ‘it’ refers to the Mr. Sivasanker
appoint of Sidda in the house Mr. Sivasanker.                

       At Mr. Sivasanker’s house Sidda washed
clothes, tended garden ran errands, chopped wood and looked after Leela. He
always played Leela. Even, when Leela went to bed for Sleep, Sidda set on the
floor near the bed told in comparable many stories.



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