A Police Inspector and a constable brought in Sidda




 “A Police
Inspector and a constable brought in Sidda

                What was Leela’s reaction when she saw

               How did her parents behave with sidda?


      Leela was the
happiest member of the family to get Sidda as a friend. her father gave him all
materials, but she was deprived of their company. Soon, he became Leela’s  soulmate, true friend and guide. So when he
suspected to be a thief and fled away, Lila became morose . After some days an
inspector and a constable brought siddha. Seeing her old friend Leela was
overjoyed and ran down the steps to meet him and she wanted to play with
siddha. Though the inspector forbade her to go to him. But Leela continuously
protested it.

      Mr. Sivasanker
belonged to a boastful upper class Society, but sidda was at the bottom. Mr.
And Mrs. Sivasanker could not regard sidda as human being. So when Leela was
lost her golden chain, Mr. Sivasanker Lodge a complaint. The Police Inspector
brought Sidda. Leela’s mother addressed him with a few words on his treachery.
Atlast, they joined in a appeal that if Sidda returned Leela’s golden chain, he
might be allowed to go.

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  👉Play of Sidda and Leela

v        👉 Character
of Sidda

     👉 “Sidda vanished into the night”  What
happened after Sidda vanished into the night

v    👉What was the problem of Mr. Sivasankar’s family in the story “Leela’s friend”? How was it
solve? What was the ultimate result?

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