Described life of Jimmy before he enters Elmore | class xi english note with pdf |


Described life of Jimmy before he enters Elmore                                     

     Jimmy was an
expert and smart Safecracker, but he could not escape from the clutches of law.
Ben price arrested him on allegation of Springfield theft case, but Jimmy
managed to have a pardon from the governor within 10 months as Jimmy had
connection with the upper class people of the

    The warden
released him with an advice of leading a straight life. But Jimmy resumed his
old business by cracking three safes in three different places-Richemont,
Logansport and Jefferson City. A huge amount of loss was reported but
there  was no clue of the burglar. Again Ben price, the notate detective
investigated the spots  and was sure of Jimmy’s presence. Jimmy knew that
Ben price would surely go after him. So, he fled to Elmore with a plan. Jimmy
was indeed a civilized thief  and this was a description of Jimmy’s life
before entering Elmore.

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