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The character of Jimmy Valentine

        The great writer O Henry has a craze to glorify someone
apparently ordinary. He ingested good characteristics in a common and ordinary
man to make him extraordinary to the readers. Jimmy Valentine is no exception.
Jimmy, the hero of the story was a top-class burglar who turned into an
extraordinary honorable man, at the end of the story, he had friends in high
class Society who helped him to be free from jail earlier. He had good sense of
humor. When Mike Dolan asked him about his next plan, he humorously answered
that he was a representative of a Biscuit Company. He was self conscious and
intelligent also. After performing burglaries, he hardly left any clue and he
escaped to Elmore to avoid arrest . He was Adept in adjusting. He adjusted in
Elmore, where he got name, fame and love. After marriage he intended to sell out
everything to go to West. But at the end of the story, when he had to disclosed
his identity, he did not hesitate though he might lost his all. Thus a 
thief was turned into a true lover and a good human being.

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