Description of Sir Mohan Lal’s dress | Karma | class xi note with Pdf |


Description of Sir Mohan Lal’s dress | Karma 

Description of Sir Mohan Lal’s

        Sir Mohan Lal central character of
” Karma” had passed five years  England in London. He was fond
of British culture and spoke in English or anglicized. His dress was the symbol
of  aristocracy and high-ranked British officials.

        While traveling by train, he wore 
the suit made from the shop of Saville Row  of London. The Carnation in
the buttonhole was increasing the beauty of the suit. He used the aroma
of  eau de cologne  made in foreign . He used scented soap which must
be from foreign. He wore Balliol tie  which reminded him of his beautiful
past in Oxford university.

         Apart from these , he always read in
English newspaper and solved the crossword puzzle. Thus he showed his vast
knowledge in English. He generally drank whiskey and he had a golden cigarette
case filled with English cigarette.

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