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Contrast between the character
of  Mohan Lal and Lachmi

         In the story “Karma “Mohan Lal
and Lachmi are completely opposite to each other though they are couple.

         Sir Mohan Lal a vizier ,a barrister
with degree from Oxford university had spent five years in England. He speaks
English like an English men. His dress symbolizes English culture . He has a
prestigious title “sir” by British,. He  is very proud who hates
his country and countrymen including his wife.

         On the other hand  Lachmi 
has no such title of Fame and Glory. She is a typical Indian woman born and
brought up with Indian culture. She weares  Saree. Like many Indian House
wives she chews beetle Leaves when Mr. Lal whiskey inside the waiting room.
Lachmi eats chapatis with mango pickle outside. In the same train journey they
are traveling separately. At the end of the story, Mr. Lal lies flat on the
platform and Lachmi  is sitting comfortably  by the window.  At
last Mr. Lal has lost his identity, but Lachmi has no such identity crisis.

Thus Mr Mohan Lal’s  false
glory and pride were defeated by the Simplicity of his wife.

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