How did kalam access his father? How did Kalam become a spiritual man? “Strong Roots” note PDF.

How did kalam access his
How did Kalam become a spiritual man? “Strong Roots” APJ Abdul Kalam. English Note with PDF.

How did kalam access his father?

“Strong Roots” Kalam has given a good deal of his father,his look,his
philosophy of life, habit etc. 
Jainulabdeen has been depicted as a tall,handsome, ideal human being who
is wise, religious, helpfull and generous also.He believed in simple living and
high thinking. He was a true religious man who used to go to an old Mosque of
the locality for prayer and would start his day by reading namaj. He wanted to
enrich his son with religious ideas and would take him to the mosque with him.
He was above all the narrowness of the religion. So, priest of Shiva Temple was
his close friend with whom he would involve himself in spiritual discussion. He
could even transform complex spiritual matters into  very simple downtowardth Tamil. When Kalam
had a confusion regarding the relevance of prayer, his father sorted out his
confusion. Kalam learnt the importance of spirituality. He began to belief in
the existence of divine power and learnt to prevent adversity. Indeed all moral
teachings that Kalam learnt from his father helped him to grow up. Kalam like a
tree drew all these sustenance to built up his personality. His saint like father
like a strong root helped Kalam to remain intact in his life.

How did Kalam become a
spiritual man?

father was a simple, religious person. Kalam was born and brought up in a
religious background. He used to go with his father to mosque where he heard
Arabic prayers. Being little he could not make sense of the prayers but from
then he began to believe in God. He believed that the prayers would reach to
god. Then oneday he asked his father about spirituality. His father gave him
satisfactory answered saying that man can be a part of the cosmos through
prayers. Kalam also learnt a lesson on adversity and its use in life. He
realized the power of almighty who as a guide shows a man his true place. For
his father and his own realization Kalam became a religious man.

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