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 Irony used in the story “The Eyes Have It”. Short Story “The Eyes Have It” By Ruskin Bond. Class xii note with Pdf.

Irony used in the story “The Eyes Have It”

Irony regards
every simple truth as a challenge. This story is an excellent example of irony
which employs a plot device in which events turned out contrary to expectation.
Ruskin bond employs two blind people as his main character. Neither knows that
the other is blind. After listening to the parent’s conversation with the
girl, the narrator could not distinguish any unusual advice or information that
led him to believe that the girl had any deformity. The narrator misled the
girl because she did not realize that her fellow traveler was blind. If the
narrator had not been trying to fool the girl, it might have clued him into her
blindess. According to the writer the people with good eyesight fail to see
what is infront of them. The new fellow passenger was the perfect example. He
had good eyesight but he did not grasp the narrator’s blindness. He did not
notice the girl’s hairstyle.

Thus the story is full of ironical turns and twists and ends with a
striking discovery that the girl herself was blind.

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