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 The story
“The Eyes Have It” is a comment on seeing. “
The Eyes Have” It By Ruskin Bond. Class Xii English Noe with PDF.

The story “The Eyes Have It” is a comment on seeing.

    The Very title “The Eyes Have
It” and a line, “Well, it often happens that people with good
eyesight fail to see what is infront of them; Whereas people who cannot see
have to take in only the essentials, whatever register most tellingly on their
remaining senses” prove that the story is a comment on seeing. The
narrator brought three different characters- one a girl and a boy who were
blind and a third passenger. The boy hid his blindness from the girl
successfully and with the help of other sense organs he conjured up the images
of the hills,the girl, her hair style, moving trees and the landscape. The
absence of vision is not a hindrance to both the boy and the girl as their
inner Vision helped them to deceive each other. It was the third man’s eye
which helped the narrator to be aware of the girl blindness. But inspite of
having good eyesight the third man failed to see a lot of things. while getting
into the train, he collided the girl. Again he failed to see the girl’s hair
style as well as the boy’s blindness. the writer lights on the fact that it is
notonly the eyesight that makes one see. Rather people with good eyesight often
overlook what is in front of them.

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