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Justify the title of the poem
“The Sick Rose”

In the poem “The Sick Rose”
the poet William Blake illustrates a particular rose which is sick. The
reason of its sickness and its condition after sickness constitutes the
subject matter of the poem. The Rose stands for beauty, joy and innocence. It
gives pleasure to people but the particular Rose was sick. Its beauty
was attacked by an evil worm which had entered into it in the stormy
night. The kind Rose was unaware of the bad intention of the stranger. Gradually
the worm possessed the rose and at last killed it. The poet is upset seeing the
condition of the rose. Here the death of the rose reminds us of an ancient
incident. The fall of man from Heaven through Satan’s device is compared with
the destruction of rose by the evil worm.6Adam and Eve did not know the
foul object of Satan. They died spiritual death under the spell of Satan.
Here good, beauty and innocence are spoilt by evil power.

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