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 Concept of Brotherhood

         Octavio Paz’s poem
“Brotherhood” is about relationship or connectivity of the universe.
Here we have various concepts of Brotherhood between man and Men, reader and
writer and finally between Creator and created.

poem emphasizes brevity of human life. Man is Mortal. So the poet being an
individual knows that he will not last long. He will live only for a few hours.
In this poem the poet refers the word “enormous” which stands for
darkness uncertainly. But the poet is not afraid of his death. Rather he
attentively notices the night sky, looking up at the sky. He notices the stars
and discovers a brotherhood between himself and the starts. A hope grows in his
mind that like the stars he will overcome death through his writing as a
man is remembered by his virtue. He realizes that like the night and stars
there is also a strong bond between a reader and a writer. There is
also one kind of brotherhood. All human beings are created by God. So there
certainly exists, a strong bond between God and the poet himself. Thus the
feeling of closeness and kinship has been established.

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