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What is Mother’s observation on abortion ?


           In her “Nobel Lecture”
mother greatly criticized the heinous practice of abortion. The lines “I
will not forget you, I have carved you in the palm of my hand” clearly
prove that God loves his sons and daughters very much. So it hurts him when
children are nipped in the bud. This is against the God. This act clearly
proves lack of love. Mother refers this act to be a direct killing, a direct
murder by the mother herself. The reason of these murders are mal nutrition and
unwedded mothers. Millions of children die of mal nutrition. Unwedded mothers
murder their children to escape from society. Mother fights against this .she
welcomes all unmarried mothers and their children. she is ready to receive them
in her home. There are so many families who are deprived of children. Mother
hands over those children to those families. Besides she has requested
hospitals, clinics to stop this Sin. She teaches everyone the natural family
Planning. Thus mother protests against abortion.

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