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for  did Jesus take birth on this earth?
What was
the story narrated in mother’s speech about the birth of Jesus?


        Mother Teresa modelled her life
on the ideal of Jesus Christ. In her Nobel Lecture, she had narrated the Story
of the birth of Jesus Christ, the symbol of peace, sacrifice and love. Jesus
was the son of God. He became man in all things except sin. He appeared on
earth to deliver the news of Peace. He died on the cross to show his greater
love for all human beings.

     Mother mary was blessed with the
God’s own son. When he came to know, she rushed to her cousin,
Elizabeth to give her the news. Elizabeth already got the blessing of God since
Six months. John ,the  first messenger of God on this earth was in her womb.When Mary gave the news to Elizabeth the Unborn John
leapt with joy in Elizabeth’s womb . He realized  the advent of God
on this earth. Jesus gave love and peace to the people and mother
being his disciple dedicated herself for the poor and ailing people.

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