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vanished into the night”

           What happened after Sidda vanished into the night?


        Leela returned home with Sidda from the
market. Leela’s mother noticed that Leela’s golden chain was missing. She
blamed Sidda for it. Sidda thought that he was suspected to be a thief, So, he
fled away from Leela’s house. Mr.Sivasankar came home an hour letter. Hearing,
all this Leela’s, father Lodge, a complaint against siddha. Leela refused to go
to bed without listening to a story from siddha. her mother tried her to
console and pleaded to sleep. Leela request to her mother to tell a story, but
the thought of Sidda made her mother panicky. She thought that Sidda might came
in their house and loot at night. Leela Lost her soul mate. Leela was angry
with her mother for abused and worried Siddha. Leela understood that Sidda  could not steal her jewelry.

        After some
days, a Police Inspector and a constable brought siddha. Seeing the old friend
Leela was overjoyed. She wanted to come and play again with siddha. But the
inspector forbid, Leela to go to Sidda 
as he took her gold chain. Leela could not tolerate them and protested
it. But in vain Sidda was arrested by police. After some days, from the kitchen
Leela’s mother rescued the chain in a Tamarind pot and his innocence was proved
atlast. But Sidda’s  condition could not


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        More Notes

v               Play of Sidda and Leela

v                Character
of Sidda


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