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The problem of Mr. Sivasankar family


What was the problem of Mr. Sivasankar’s family in the story “Leela’s
friend”? How was it solve? What was the ultimate result?

        Leela’s friend is a short story by RK
Narayan. Here, Mr. Sivasanker, one of the central characters of the story had a
big house with a veranda at the front, he was troubled by the servant problem,
he was standing in the front veranda thinking about it. On the contrary, Sidda
was looking for a job as soon as he saw Mr. Sivasanker, he requested him to
appoint him. Though Mr. Sivasankar, inquired him. He could not make up his
mind. He called his wife and getting her and his daughter’s approval. He
employed Siddda in his house.

        Leela was the happiest member at the
family having Sidda among them. He played with Leela besides siddha without any
objection performed all his duties. Yet sidda was nothing but a servant to Mr.
And Mrs.  Sivasanker, they never treated
him as a human being. Mr. Sivasanker was at the top and Sidda was at the
bottom. The writer presented these through and incident when Leela has golden
chain was lost. Mr. And Mrs. Sivasanker blamed siddha. When siddha fled, they
head of the family Lodge a complaint. Very easily Sidda was arrested. After a
few days, the chain was found. Yet, Sidda’s condition did not improve. He was
taken for a criminal.

         The writer illustrates two different
pictures of the same Society. The poor people are always insulted by the
boastful in human aristocrat. This is the real picture of our cruel Society.


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v             Play of Sidda and Leela

v             Character of Sidda

     “Sidda vanished into the

happened after Sidda vanished into the night


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