“Thank You Ma’am” as a short story | Why did not Mrs. Jones ask Roger anything embarrassing? Thank You Ma’am By Langston Hughes |

Thank You Ma’am” as a short
Why did not Mrs. Jones ask Roger anything embarrassing? “Thank You Ma’am” as a short story. Note with PDF.

“Thank You Ma’am” as a short story

    A short story contains some
characteristics. A few characters, unity of 
time, unity of place and no abrupt ending. “Thank You Ma’am”
is an example of a line short story. It was only two characters- Mrs. Jones and
Roger. It hardly takes an hour or so and the work of snatching Purse takes
place at about 11 p.m. which is perfect for doing such kind of work. So Unity
of time is maintained. The story starts at street and from there at Mrs. Jones house
where Mrs. Jones takes the boy to redress him . Unity of place is also
maintained. Nothing lacks in this story but as usual readers have a great
interest to know- Will Roger really redress himself or not?  Above all meeting all the characteristics of
a short story “Thank You Ma’am” is perfectly a fine short story. 

Why did not Mrs. Jones ask Roger
anything embarrassing?


    In the story “Thank You
” Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones has been presented as a wise
woman, full of moral teachings. She has a self-imposed duty of redressing Roger
by teaching him moral lessons. From Roger she comes to know that Roger is
leading a lonely life as there is no one in his house. He is an unloved,
uncared boy. Lack of love and care has led him to crime. Hearing his loneliness
Mrs. Jones motherly affection comes to surface. She takes pity on him and takes
him home to feed him. All what the lady has done is to bring the boy back to
fair path. She did not want to remind him of his past incidents. For this
she  restrained herself from asking Roger
any embarrassing question. 

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