Character of Mrs. Jones | Why did not Rodger want to be mistrusted? Thank You Ma’am By Langston Hughes |

Character of Mrs. Jones. Why did not Rodger want to be mistrusted? By Langston Hughes. Class 12 Englisg Note with PDF.


 Character of Mrs. Jones 

    Thank You Ma’am” is a story of
transformation of a common Thief into a true human being and who did this noble
deed was Mrs. Jones – Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. As soon as the story
proceded, qualities of the great lady began to bloom. She was a powerful woman
who had knowledge in wrestling. For this he could easily dominate the
struggling boy. She took the boy to her home to clean his face and then she fed
the boy who tried to snatch her purse. These clearly proved that she was a
great lady with a golden heart. Though she was not a highly educated woman but
full of morally. She shared her morality with the boy teaching him moral
lessons. She treated the boy like her own son and atlast offered him money to
buy his favourite shoes, she even did not hope any gratitude from the boy. The
character of Mrs. Jones is a perfect mixture of strictness and affection. Thus
a simple ordinary lady became great and extraordinary who did not even expect
any feedback.

Why did not Rodger want to be

    The story “Thank You Ma’am
starts with an attempt of snatching a purse by a boy who was caught red-handed
by a woman whose Purse he was trying to snatch. But the kind-hearted woman took
him to her house and gave his cordial treatment even fed him. The kind words
and the treatment of the woman changed the unloved and uncared boy who
previously had no trust in the word “trust” and then began to realize
its value. He understood that the lady began to trust him and so he did not to
try flee through the open door and also did not steal the money when the lady
left her purse before him on that day bed. Thus atlast the story becomes a
story of transformation of a common thief into someone to whom trust becomes
more precious than any other thing.

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