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Title of “karma”

Title Of “Karma”

       “Karma” is about an identity crisis. sir Mohan
Lal, the central character suffered the crisis. He was educated of Oxford
University and had a high position in his office. He followed English culture.
He hated India and her people as well as his  un educated, rural wife. He
did not allow his wife to share the same compartment with him while travelling.
He preferred the company of English men. For these the Advent of two English
soldiers delighted him. But the British people did not accept him. They pushed
him out of his own compartment. His  Oxford degree, his sahab like 
appearance, Balliol tie nothing could save him. He was neither and Indian nor
an English.

        “Karma” is the Hindu theological idea. According
to Karma, one’s  present actions continue to have effects in another
Incarnation. Sir Mohan Lal  had to suffer. He had to get the fruit his own

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