Why does Lomov wants Natalya as his wife? The Proposal all Notes with PDF. ClassGhar

Why does Lomov wants Natalya as his wife? All the characters of the
drama lack fitness and mentals ability. Class xii Drama “The Proposal” Notes with PDF.

Why does Lomov wants Natalya as his wife.

three characters of the proposal, Lomov is one of them. He himself introduces us
with him in his soliloquy that he is already 35 years old and is suffering from
sleep disorder and palpitations. He is living irregular life. So, he needs a
wife. With the intention of having a wife, he enters Chubukov’s country house and
gives the proposal. According to Lomov Natalya is a beautiful girl of 25, well
educated and a good housekeeper. Natalya takes care of her father’s
property, farm work and also household duties. Natalya has been a neighbor of
Lomov for a long time and both the families have respect for the others. For this
Lomov thinks Natalya suitable for him. With hope that Natalya will consent for
the proposal, Lomov dressing well with jacket and gloves enters Natalya’s
house. Though there are much complication between Lomov and Natalya but at last they get marriage and Lomov is successful in his attempt of having
Natalya as a wife.

All the characters of the drama lack fitness and mentals ability.

Each and every character of the drama “The Proposal” lacks fitness. Lomov in his soliloquy himself has confessed that he is suffering from palpitation and sleep disorder. Throughout the drama when he becomes excited, his palpitations starts. So, he wants Natalya as his wife to live a proper life. Lomov expects sympathy from others but he himself involves in quarrel and is not willing to stop it to remain mentally stable. His palpitation reach to such an extent that he faints in the course of second quarrel. He is actually a hypochondriac. Chubukov on the other side is also quite eccentric. He is very much prone to anger and excitement. He loses temper and suffers from breathing trouble at a time of extreme excitement. Natalya is not exceptional. She acts like a hysteric patient at the possibility of not getting Lomov as her husband and later when Lomov faints. Besides Natalya and Lomov suffer from ego problem. They are full of ego. None is willing to accept the other to be more superior. However the unfit, nervous characters create fun and laughter through their activities throughout the drama.

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