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Write The Sick Rose as an allegorical poem

Write “Sick Rose” as an

     Blake’s poem the Sick rose starts with an
address to a rose-“O Rose though art Sick” as if the poet is
reminding the rose of its sickness. Next Blake States the reason of its
sickness saying about a worm, an invisible worm. The worm stands for devilish
Power. Its motive is to destroy the innocent rose than to take
shelter in it. The poet personifies the worm. In the Bible, Satan stands for
evil power, the power of decay and destruction. He was responsible for the fall
of Adam and Eve from Heaven. Here the poet shows that the relationship between
the rose and the worm has fallen sick for the desire for sensuality and
this ultimately brings the destruction of the Rose. Thus, the poem is an
allegorical poem.

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