Write the character of sir Mohonlal | Karma | Class xi | Note With PDF |


Write the character of sir Mohanlal | Karma | 

Write the character of sir
Mohan Lal

        “Karma, ” written by khuswant
Sing is a short story about sir Mohan Lal, a middle-aged man who worked under
British . He was ashamed to be born in India. He despised fellow countrymen
including his wife. Spending five years  in England, he thought himself to
be an English man.  He used to  speak either in English or anglicized
Hindi. His dress was the symbol of aristocracy and high-ranked officials. He
embarrassed English culture. He was accustomed to English cigarette,
whisky,  The Times. He was a snobbish proud man . To him Indians were
indifferent, inefficient and dirty . Lachmi’s traditional Indian self was
hateful to him. On the same train journey he was traveling separately with his
wife to avoid her company in public.

         The Blind Faith on the foreigners and
his slave like attitude towards them made him boastful, but his pride got
shattered When two English soldiers threw him out of the compartment, calling
him a nigger. It was beyond recovery. The story comes to an end when
Mohan Lal  lost his identity. He was neither an Indian nor  a British
in true sense.


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