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Character Of Roger. How did Jones try to change Rodger? OR What moral lesson did the lady give Rodger? Thank You Ma’am by Langston HughesClass xii English Note with PDF.


Character Of Roger 

    Though the writer has not given any
information about theparentage and where abouts of the boy, the readers can
guess something about him when he said, “There is nobody at home”.
The boy was uncared, unloved one. He had no one to look after. he needed things
which he could not get. For this he tried to snatch Mrs. Jones’s purse. He was
not a professional Thief. So he failed in his mission. He was caught and then
he felt ashamed of his deed. There was nobody to teach him moral teaching. Mrs.
Jones took him home and served him. Coming in contact with the woman he began
to change. He was deeply moved by her kind words. While departing he thanked
the woman. Through these words we realize that Roger’s change of mind had
already started.

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How did Jones try to change Rodger?
What moral lesson did the lady give Rodger?


    As the story started with the snatching
of purse of Mrs. Jones, the lady naturally took Roger for a wrong doer. She
kicked him, jerked him. But as soon as the great lady came to know that the boy
was an uncared, unfade, unloved boy, her motherly affection came to the
surface. She took him to her house to feed him and to take care of him. She
wanted to make him feel that he was not unwanted. The first lesson which he
learnt from the great lady was “trust”. The word “trust”
did not exist in Roger’s dictionary previously. Then he began to realize its
value. After dinner the lady offered him.price of his favorite shoes and
forbade him to snatch anybody’s purse. Thus the boy began to change gradually.
He realized that he was not unwanted , uncared. He learnt to behave
courteously. So while departing he thanked the lady and he understand that the
great lady was able to change Roger sowing the seed of morality in his mind.

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