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Write the title of the poem Daybreak.
Or, Write the substance of the poem Daybreak  
Or, Activities of wind / How is the wind Personified?

          “Daybreak” is a fine poem by
Longfellow. It is a nature poem which is about the activities of wind to
welcome the dawn. It has nine couplets and each carries a common message
through the wind. The poet personifies the wind as it reaches to each and
every natural object to give the news of Daybreak and also News of action to
them. In the poem, The Wind murmurs, shouts, coming out of the sea and requests
for room through mists towards the land. It performs a self-imposed duty of
rousing every Creature from sleep. It encourages the mariners to sail their
ships. It blows over the far off landscape to awake the sleeping people. It
shouts to the trees to keep moving their leaves. The wood Bird’s flooded wings
indicate that it is not yet fully awake. So the wind touches the wings of the
bird to awake it. The wind also hurries to the farm so that the Chanticleer can
make its Clarion blow which is surely a rising alarm for all. The plants of the
cornfield will bend their heads as the wind blows to wake them up. The tower
bell will ring to announce the morning prayer. Thus at last the wind comes near
a grave. It feels for those who are under the earth and tells them to
sleep in peace and tranquility.

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